Pricing Evaluations

Apex provides the following services:

Recent Examples include

Determining the appropriate EU pricing level for a novel oncology agent by identifying and benchmarking prices for a range of comparable products (recently launched oncology drugs, current treatments for the same target indication and other oncology agents with similar clinical benefits). The benchmark compounds were then validated by conducting research with senior hospital pharmacists and clinical trialists to gauge the relative clinical value of the novel agent versus these other agents.

Conducted a primary research project to establish a launch price for a new ENT product in the US. AHC was also asked to assess the positioning of the product and the likely distribution process. Due to the mix of qualitative and quantitative data required from the project, AHC recommended conducting Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI). Prior to the main stage interviews, AHC conducted telephone, pilot interviews in-house to ensure the survey had been designed to meet all the objectives. Interviews were conducted with N=400 specialists across the US.

We determined the opportunity for premium pricing for a novel cardiology product in Europe by conducting research with clinicians and pharmacists. The analysis included a pharmacoeconomic assessment and identification of any potential reimbursement issues.