Orphan Product Evaluation

Client Project Overview Deliverables
EU Investment Group

Evaluation of the commercial opportunity and pricing for an unapproved product for an orphan designated metabolic disorder. The product was already available in a number of EU countries as a chemical excipient i.e. not approved for human usage.

  • Feedback from treating clinicians and market access experts on the supply of approved product through the normal regulatory route.
  • Price range across Europe that were acceptable to treating clinicians and payers
  • Scale of switching based on different price levels
  • Support required for clinicians, patient groups and registries to convince the clinical management community of the integrity of the product introduction
Mid-Cap Pharma Company Focused on orphan designated ERT

AHC carried out a range of projects over a 5 year retainer period that included the following

  1. Market research with clinicians to support the adoption and usage of 3 brands
  2. Support for business planning process and construction of 5 year forecasts (twice yearly exercise)
  3. Led Eastern Europe expansion planning process to determine which countries should move ahead with locally based operations
  4. Monthly and Weekly patient tracking for all centres for 34 countries. This exercise was carried out for 4 years and provided outputs for finance, commercial and manufacturing teams
  5. 12 month IT based project to transfer the monthly patient tracking from an Excel base system to a cloud based platform such that the client could run the process in-house linking outputs to appropriate dashboards