Market Research

Apex provides the following services:

Recent Examples include

Carried out a market research project on a localised treatment for the relief of male urological symptoms. The key objectives were to fully understand the current treatment decision process and identify whether the new treatment could be used as an alternative to drug therapy. In-depth telephone interviews were conducted in France, Germany and the UK with both senior urologists and KOLs identified by AHC’s internal researchers.

To understand, the management, treatment and unmet needs associated with rejection following transplants. The international client requested a detailed understanding of the US and Europe in relation to standards of care and the current pricing and reimbursement status of current treatment options. AHC was requested to conduct competitive intelligence to understand which companies are active in the same therapeutic area and what mechanisms are being considered. Potential clinical trial design and endpoints were also investigated. AHC carried out extensive desk research to provide both answers to the objectives as well as supporting the market research. In-depth telephone interviews were conducted with KOLs and senior clinical specialists in the 3EU, Japan and the US.