European Market

Apex provides the following services:

Recent Examples include

The provision of these services for US clients looking to understand the EU market, to support either their European commercial strategy or their partnering discussions in Europe.

A detailed understanding of a neurological disease treatment in Europe on behalf of a US based company. The key aim of the research was to support the on-going development of the client’s product. AHC conducted KOL interviews across the 5EU countries. The KOLs were identified through AHC’s internal desk research expertise. During the in-depth interviews the KOLs were expected to evaluate the pricing options for the product and were therefore recruited on the basis they had pricing and reimbursement decision-making experience. To fully meet the objectives of the project, AHC also conducted an interview with a European pharmacoeconomic expert.

Conducting an overview of the usage patterns and clinical management in key EU countries for a psychiatric indication, to support the client’s ongoing development of a novel formulation for an existing agent. The project was carried out by desk research supported by a small number of in-depth telephone interviews.