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We believe that an experienced team approach with the right mix of skills is the best way to help clients achieve their goals.

At Apex we bring together individuals who have industry experience and for each project we assemble a dedicated team led by a project director. We are organised in three groupings: a market research group, an analytical group and a project directors group. Experts from our associates group can also be brought into the team to provide specialist skills if needed.

Apex adds value through targeting research, linking the research to commercialisation and by bringing a high level of problem solving skills into the framework.

Project Directors

David Cotterell BSc MBA PhD

David is the MD and founder of Apex Healthcare Consulting. After completing his PhD at Southampton and carrying out post-doctoral research at NorthWestern University, Chicago, he joined the industry first in clinical research and later in project management at Glaxo Laboratories.

Upon completing an MBA in 1993, David joined the International Business Analysis team in Glaxo Holdings, where he spent five years carrying out a variety of strategic projects. In this role he was responsible for commercial analysis and evaluation for a number of international therapy teams most notably working on Zantac for over five years.

After leaving GlaxoWellcome in 1996 David established Praxis Research and Consulting with two colleagues, as one of the founding directors. The company focused mainly on market research and in 1998 spun off the consultancy arm so forming an independent group – Apex Healthcare Consulting.

In the ten years since Apex began the partnership has grown to ten employees and upwards of ten associates.

Diane Dourish BSc

Diane is a Project Director at Apex Healthcare Consulting. After completing a BSc at Queen’s University Belfast, Diane joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1987. She spent over nine years as a protein biochemist in drug discovery with SmithKline Beecham, leading research projects in a number of different therapy areas.

Diane joined the drug development company, Vanguard Medica (now Vernalis), as Project Evaluation Manager in 1997, where she was responsible for the scientific evaluation of in-licensing opportunities. In 1999 she led the technical due diligence team in the merger of Vanguard Medica with Cerebrus.

From 2000 onwards, Diane became Director of Business Development at Vernalis, during which time she managed the technical and commercial aspects of licensing and business development activities in EU, USA and Japan.

From 2003, Diane has been a Project Director at Apex Healthcare Consulting, working on a range of due diligence and business development projects for both established and start-up companies and for private equity firms.

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Research group

Associates group

Apex can bring in expert skills in:

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Apex works in North America, Japan, and Europe including Scandinavia and Eastern Europe